PetPal is the #1 PetTech Platform in the Philippines

We provide a one-stop shop experience and multiple comprehensive pet care solutions to Pet Owners, Veterinarians, and Pet Institutions.

What’s in it for you?

Set up your own Digital Clinic

Enables you to conduct Online Consultations with your clients and PetPal users

Receive and Manage Clinic and Home Vet Service Appointments

Enables you to have multiple payment options such as GCash, Visa, MasterCard, and more!

Benefit from PetPal’s comprehensive Triage Assistance

Update your client's Digital Pet Booklet

JOIN FOR FREE — No membership fees!

  • Manage a schedule that fits your lifestyle
  • Customize and Declare Appointment booking slots
  • Maximize your revenue stream and expand your distribution channel
  • Get seen by millions of customers
  • Get incentives from our referral program
  • Use a user-friendly platform to store and review all your medical records
  • Prescribe medication easily to your clients

More Features

PetPal plays a remarkable role in aiding successful vet journeys.

Through PetPal, I have gained over 90 new clients, all thanks to the convenience and accessibility of Online consultations. PetPal has changed the way I practice vet med and allowed me to expand my clientele reach.

Since joining PetPal, my vet career experienced tremendous growth. I have gained over 60 new clients and the increased demand, allowed me to open my clinic’s second branch. My vet journey with PetPal has been incredibly rewarding both professionally and personally.

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